Christofi Group is the Franchisee of the famous coffee brand, Coffee Beanery USA (, for 17 European countries, via Coffee Beanery Europe Ltd which currently operates in Cyprus and now expanding with new coffee stores in the UK.

Coffee Beanery

This company was founded in 1976 by the Shaw Family. The company has a reputation for specializing in quality iced and hot coffee beverages and specialty coffees. Only 5% of all the coffee beans grown throughout the world are suitable for use in CB products, testament to the outstanding quality of CB coffee.

CBE opened its first store in Cyprus in late 2007, this was followed by another store in 2008.

During this period the management structure required to expand CB in Cyprus and in Europe was put into place.

The Cyprus operation is designed to act as a window display for CBE’S real ventures in the future.

The rights to 17 EU countries that were purchased in 2008 hold the real fruits of the company.

The rights to the UK, Ireland, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland have already been sold bringing revenues of approximately €9.5m into the company coffers. It is estimated that during the next 6 years the revenue from the further sales of Country Franchises, Royalties, Unit Franchise Fees and the supplying of CB products will exceed f13.5m.

Neas Engomis 33, NBC, Office: 200, 2409, Engomi, Nicosia

Tel: (+357) 22 550 000
Fax: (+357) 22 550 021

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